An ISUOG Advanced Course
Hot topics & controversies in feto-maternal medicine
2nd edition

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We care about everyone’s health and, with the new Government rule, we have decided to turn the face-to-face event into virtual mode.

The program is essentially unchanged.

Come one, come all!

The course has two components.

The first part focuses on the sonographic expert diagnosis of complex CNS and heart malformations since the 1st trimester. These organs are difficult to explore, hence the need for “how to…” sessions in order to reach a final diagnosis and make as detailed as possible prognosis assessment. Live Demos of clinical cases will thoroughly illustrate the technique for assessing the various organs mentioned above.

The second part of the course includes debates on some hot topics of Feto-Maternal Medicine, such as Preterm delivery and p-PROM management, late IUGR, prophylaxis to prevent  trombophilia and NTDs. An interactive session on pre-term birth will allow the audience to share their experience and discuss with keynote experts.

Prof. Dario Paladini


Thursday 26th November 2020

14.00 Course Opening

CNS I. New insights into 1st trimester neurosonography
Chairs: D. Paladini, P. Volpe
14.15 Fetal Neurosonography. How to…in the 1st trimester D. Paladini
14.35 “How to” scan demo. The early anatomy of the fetal brain: screening & diagnosis.
15.05 Significance of ventriculomegaly in the 1st trimester P. Volpe
15.25 What sign is more sensitive for open spina bifida R. Chaoui
15.45 Insight into the normal and abnormal posterior fossa P. Volpe
16.15   Discussion
16.45   Break

CNS II. Malformations of cortical development.
Chairs: R. Birnbaum, D. Paladini
17.15 New insight into development of fetal brain from 13 to 17 gestational weeks.  R. Birnbaum
17.35   Normal vs abnormal gyration. R. Chaoui
17.55   “How to” scan demo.How to screen for cortical malformations.
17.55   CPC and malformations of cortical development: any relationship? D. Paladini

Friday 27th November 2020

Caudal anomalies
Chairs: M. Lituania, P. Volpe
08.30   “How to” scan demo. Colon and lower spine.
08.50   Gut & brain. An unusual association D. Paladini
09.20   Anorectal atresia. A 1st trimester diagnosis? P. Volpe
09.50 Anorectal atresia. Surgery and outcome G. Mattioli
10.10   Differential diagnosis of closed spinal dysraphisms M. Lituania
10.30 Closed spinal dysraphisms. Surgery and outcome. G. Piatelli
10.50   Discussion
11.00  Break

Hot topics in fetomaternal medicine. 1. Late IUGR
Chairs: L. Ramenghi, H. Valensise
11.30 Special Lecture. Definition & controversies: roadmap to the TRUFFLE2 and guidelines F. Figueras
12.00   Expert advice for monitoring growth in the 3rd trimester. T. Frusca
12.20  When to deliver? The OB view H. Valensise
12.40  When to deliver? The NEON view L. Ramenghi
13.00  Discussion

13.15 Break

Update on adequacy of prophylaxis for major conditions in pregnancy
Chairs: D. Paladini, L. Ramenghi
14.30   Contraception during breastfeeding. An update. A. Cagnacci
14.50   Neurogenetic counselling and new prophylaxis recommendations for NTD V. Capra
15.10   Thrombophilia. Key mutations and correct prophylaxis in pregnancy and puerperium A. C. Molinari
15.30   p-PROM, infections and antibiotics. What’s new? E. Cristina
15.50   Neuroprotection with magnesium sulphate in preterm delivery. Fact or fiction? L. Ramenghi
16.10 Discussion
16.20  Break

Hydrops and rasopathies
Chairs: D. Paladini, P. Volpe
17.00   When to check for rasopathies in the 1st trimester P. Volpe
17.20   When to check for rasopathies in the 2nd and 3rd trimester R. Chaoui
17.40   How to counsel for rasopathies found (..or not found…) in the fetus. V. Capra
18.00 Discussion

Saturday 28th November 2020

Fetal heart. Set-up and Differential diagnosis
Chairs: M. Marasini, P. Volpe
08.30   “How to” scan demo. Fetal echo: A to Z.
08.50   How to boost your Color Doppler investigation D. Paladini
09.20   Univentricular heart: tricuspid atresia, single ventricle, HLHS P. Volpe
09.40   When is tricuspid regurgitation clinically relevant?  M. Marasini
10.00   The small left ventricle: from severe coarctation to Shone syndrome. G. Tuo
10.20   Isomerism made (relatively…) easy R. Chaoui
11.10   Discussion

Hot topics in fetomaternal medicine. 2. Preterm delivery & p-PROM
Chairs: D. Paladini, L. Ramenghi
11.30   Clinical scenarios and audience attitude. A problem solving voting session
12.00 Special Lecture. Prevention of preterm delivery in singletons and twins Z. Alfirevic
12.30 Discussion & re-voting

12.30  CME test and goodbye

General Information

How to participate

Following the Italian Government rules of 25th October 2020, the course will be streamed live on a web platform.

A few days before the event, a link to the web congress will be available: each registered participant will receive via e-mail personal credentials to follow the live streaming and access the virtual lobby and exhibition area.

All of the scientific program proceedings will be recorded and available on the web congress platform for one month after the event.

Scientific Information

Course Director
Dario Paladini (Genova)

Scientific Secretariat
D. Paladini, D. Buffi, G. Donarini,
I. Maffeo, D. Pastorino, C. Scala
UOC di Medicina e Chirurgia Fetale, IRCCS Istituto G. Gaslini
L.go Gerolamo Gaslini, 5
16147 Genova, Italy
Tel. +39 010-56363482/83

Invited Speakers
Zarko Alfirevic (Liverpool)
Roee Birnbaum (Tel Aviv)
Giuseppe Calì (Palermo)
Valeria Capra (Genova)
Rabih Chaoui (Berlin)
Emilio Cristina (Genova)
Francesc Figueras (Barcelona)
Tiziana Frusca (Parma)
Ezio Fulcheri (Genova)
Mario Lituania (Genova)
Maurizio Marasini (Genova)
Pasquale Martinelli (Napoli)
Angelo Claudio Molinari (Genova)
Giovanni Monni (Cagliari)
Dario Paladini (Genova)
Gianluca Piatelli (Genova)
Luca Ramenghi(Genova)
Andrea Rossi (Genova)

Fabrizio Taddei (Rovereto)
Giulia Tuo (Genova)
Herbert Valensise (Roma)
Paolo Volpe (Bari)

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