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An ISUOG Advanced Course
Hot topics & controversies in feto-maternal medicine
4th edition
Diagnoses, additional tests & counselling issues


>>>>>>> Thursday, 21 November 2024 <<<<<<<

13.30 Registration
14.00 Course Opening

CNS I. Counseling and management issues in borderline findings.

14.10 Virtual/ill-defined CSP. Benign finding or not?
14.30 Transverse cerebellar diameter at 2°-10° centile. 
14.50 Head circumference at 2°-5* centile.

15.10 LIVE DEMO 1. How to avoid false positives and false negatives on screening US.

15.30   DEBATE I. Mild (borderline) ventriculomegaly. Do we all counsel in the same way?
15.50   Introduction.
16.00 Discussion (all faculty) & voting

16.30   Coffee Break

CNS II. Challenging diagnoses

17.00 LIVE DEMO 2 Demonstrating midline structures.
17.20 HPE. Not always a straightforward diagnosis. 
17.40   Pericerebral spaces. Do they matter? 
18.00   CC. An update on whether to measure and what to measure. 
18.20   Discussion (all faculty) & voting

>>>>>>> Friday, 22 November 2024 <<<<<<<

Fetal Heart. Counseling issues in borderline findings.

8.30   Extrasystole. Refer or not? 
 8.50 Mild bradycardia / tachycardia. 
 9.10   Persistent lsvc. Benign or not? 
9.30 Discussion & voting
9.40 Ductus venosus and porto-umbilical anomalies. Do they really matter in prognostic terms
10.00   Discussion & voting

10.15   Coffee Break

Hot topics in fetomaternal medicine. Rarely…but it does happen: adverse fetal effects from maternal metabolic conditions. Thyroid dysfunction & hyperemesis gravidarum.

10.45 National/international guidelines for management of thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy. 

11.05 Special lecture Thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy. Managing tireotoxicosis in the mother and the fetus. 
11.35 Severe hyperemesis gravidarum and its possible consequences on the fetus. 
11.55 Special lecture CMV infection. New insights and concepts from A to Z. 
12.25 Discussion

13.00 Lunch

Facial anomalies.    

14.30   LIVE DEMO 3 Systematic assessment of fetal facial anatomy. 
14.50   Anomalies of the eye. 
15.10   Anomalies of the ear. 
15.30   Anomalies of the nose. 
15.50   Anomalies of the mouth.
16.10   Discussion

16.20   Coffee Break

Dysplastic kidneys. Not only PKK.

16.50   Genetic overview of the dysplastic fetal kidney. 
17.10   New challenges in the diagnosis ofhyperechoic kidneys”: from genetics to ultrasound and back. 
17.30   PKK, MKK & other dysplasias. Diagnostic and prognostic features.
17.50 Vesico-amniotic shunt, amnioinfusion & lasering. Is there still any role? 
18.10 Update on the neonatal management of complete renal insufficiency. 

18.30   Discussion

>>>>>>> Saturday 23 November 2024 <<<<<<<

The hidden spine.

8.30   Normal anatomy of spine and cord. 
8.50   LIVE DEMO 4 Assessment of the spine and the cord.
9.20   Closed spinal dysraphisms and segmentation defects. From isolated to syndromic. 
10.00   Postnatal management and outcome of segmentation defects. 
10.20   Folic acid / inositol supplementation to prevent open and closed NTD. 
10.50   Discussion

11.10   Coffee break

Screening and diagnosis of genetic anomalies in the fetus: which test is the best?

11.30   Cell-free DNA Screening – Where do we go and where we do not want to go? 
11.50   Single-cell screening/diagnosis – Where do we go and where we do not want to go? 
12.10   Discussion
12.20   DEBATE III Exome sequencing – In selected cases, in all anomalies or…in all foetuses? 
12.50   Discussion & voting
13.00   CME test and goodbye

Prof. Dario Paladini


The 4th edition of the course has three components, as in the previous editions. The first part focuses on the diagnostic and counselling challenges offered by borderline cerebral and cardiac findings. The second part addresses the diagnostic difficulties encountered in anomalies rarely discussed in training courses, such as facial, renal and segmental spinal malformations. The third part deals – as in the previous courses – with feto-maternal important conditions, which in the present edition are represented by thyroid dysfunction and hyperemesis gravidarum and their possible ominous consequence on the fetus. Live demos, entertaining debates & voting sessions are used to enhance an effective discussion.

Invited faculty

Roee Birnbaum (Tel Aviv, IL)
SIlvio Boero (Genova, IT)
Angelo Cagnacci (Genova, IT)
Irene Cetin (Milano, IT)
Rabih Chaoui (Berlin, DE)
Valentina De Robertis (Bari, IT)
Francesca Faravelli (Genova, IT)
Francesca Grati (Bologna, IT)
Mark Kilby (Birmingham, UK)
Nina Kraiden Haratz (Tel Aviv, IL)

Maurizio Marasini (Genova, IT)
Federico Mecacci (Firenze, IT) 
Dario Paladini (Genova, IT)
Giorgio Piaggio (Genova, IT)
Gianluigi Pilu (Bologna, IT)
Michel Polak (Paris, FR))

Luca Ramenghi (Genova, IT)
Laurent J. Salomon (Paris, FR)
Giulia Tuo (Genova, IT)
Yves Ville (Paris, FR)
Paolo Volpe (Bari, IT)

General Info

Congress venue
Magazzini del Cotone

Via Magazzini del Cotone, 19
16128 Genova (Italy)

Official Language
English and Italian are the official languages of the Congress. Simultaneous translation in Italian & English will be available.

Scientific Info

Course Director
Prof. Dario Paladini
Direttore, UOC di Medicina e Chirurgia Fetale
IRCCS G. Gaslini, Genova
email: dpaladini49@gmail.com


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Double Used as Single (DUS) Superior room € 169,00
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Online* Member ISUOG  € 200,00   € 200,00
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Fees include: Congress attendance, Congress Kit, Coffee break & lunch, simultaneous translation, Certificate of attendance,  ISUOG Certificate

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