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Advanced Fetal Neurology
Online Training 2021

Part IV: Cortical anomalies

Course Coordinators

Giuseppe Rizzo Francesco D’Antonio Daniele Di Mascio



Scientific Program

Saturday, July 3 – 10:00 CEST


10:00 Introduction

Giuseppe Rizzo – Francesco D’Antonio – Daniele Di Mascio


10:10 Scan demo: how to scan fetuses at risk of infection or cortical anomalies


10:30 Cortical anomalies

Ritsuko K. Pooh, Osaka (Japan)


10:50 Congenital infection and fetal brain

Asma Khalil, London (United Kingdom)


11:10 The ENSO project between past, present and future

Daniele di Mascio, Rome (Italy)


11:40 General discussion


12:00 End of Part IV





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Course structure

Central nervous system malformations are among the most common structural anomalies diagnosed on prenatal ultrasound. With leading experts from around the world, this online training in advanced fetal neurology will focus on theoretical and practical aspects on the diagnosis and management of brain anomalies.

The course is designed for fetal-medicine specialists, radiologists and trainees with special interest in the field of fetal and perinatal neurology.

The course is composed of four different sessions, each focused on peculiar fetal brain anomalies and consisting in online lectures and ultrasound hands-on demonstrations.

Course material includes:
1. PART I: Ventricular and periventricular zone
2. PART II: Midline anomalies
3. PART III: Posterior fossa anomalies and supra-tentorial cystic lesions
4. PART IV: Cortical anomalies and fetal infections

General Information

The online training is intended as a single course divided into four sessions: each part focuses on a specific anatomic feature of the fetal brain.


While we recommend to attend the whole training programme, each session is set as an independent webinar you can register in for free by clicking on the ISCRIVITI button here below.


A certificate of attendance will be released for each session.


English is the official language.

Course objectives:

  • Identify the most common fetal central nervous system anomalies on ultrasound
  • Describe the best imaging features for a variety of different neurologic lesions.
  • Identify the tools and strategies that can be implemented to facilitate multi-disciplinary communication and correlation
  • Describe the optimal prenatal management of fetal brain anomalies
  • Describe the optimal type of follow-up of children with a prenatal diagnosis of fetal brain anomalies.




Supported by

Invited Faculty






The session will be held as a webinar for a maximum of 500 attendees.

Register for free by clicking the button below


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