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Main topics

The pathology that is most frequently associated with spasticity is cerebral palsy (CP) whose incidence has long been around 2 per thousand. But not only children with PCI have spasticity, in fact, this also occurs following head and spinal injuries and other neuro-muscular pathologies. The management of pediatric patients suffering from spasticity must be multidisciplinary and follow the growth and evolution of the disease over the years, avoiding the establishment of serious joint and bone deformities which often represent the natural evolution if the management does not take place on time and correct ways. These patients and their families therefore represent a challenge and setting the correct indications and using the most appropriate surgical techniques is of fundamental importance.
Inspired by the symposium on the surgical treatment of upper limb spasticity, organized a few years ago by Dr. Caroline Leclercq, one of the leading experts in this domain, we wish to organize a congress dedicated to the lower limb affected by spasticity, involving all the colleagues fundamental for a global taking in charge.


Scientific Committee

Prof. Alessandro Aprato
Head of Orthopedic Pediatric Department
Regina Margherita Hospital (Torino, Italy)

Dr. Nathalie Bini
Orthopedic Pediatric Department Regina
Margherita Hospital (Torino, Italy)

Congress venue

NH Torino Santo Stefano
Via Porta Palatina, 19
10122 Torino, Italy

Friday 28 April 2023

8.00  Registration of participants
8.30  Welcome: A. Massé, A. Aprato, G. Massazza, R.M. Toniolo 

8.45 – 9.15 Introduction: Taking care of children and their families.
Chairs: A. Aprato, N. Bini
The point of view of the Paediatric Neuropsychiatrist. The diagnosis and the neurological management C. Marinaccio
The point of view of the Physiatrist. The rehabilitation management P. Imazio
The point of view of the neuro-orthopedist C. Leclercq

9.15 – 10.30 Gait Analysis
Chairs: E. Castelli, A. Krebs
Essential biomechanics, Normal gait biomechanics -Kinematics and Kinetics M. Sangeux
Communicating gait data and diagnostic of gait deviation R. Brunner
Clinical cases

10.30 – 11.00 Coffee Break

11.00 – 12.45 Botulinum Toxin / Echography
Chairs: S. Carda, R.J. Csepan
Anatomical Principles C. Boulay
Rehabilitation tools after injections A. Baricich
Use of BT as a diagnostic tool N. Sturbois Nachef
Non responders C. Boulay
Clinical cases

12.45 – 13.05 Role of Neurosurgery (Baclofen pump / SDR) Dr. Peretta
Chairs: A. Baricich, R.M. Toniolo

13.05 – 13.20 Hyperselective neurectomy
Chairs: N. Bini, L. Conforti
Principles N. Sturbois Nachef
Experience in Children C. Leclercq

13.20 – 14.30 Lunch and workshop

14.30 – 16.30 Hip
Chairs: A. Aprato, C. Boulay
Follow up of the hip in the CP children M. Jozwiak
Hip pain: identifying the cause to relieve the symptom M. Jozwiak
Reduce and/or remove the load, what effect on the risk of dislocation? R. Brunner
Surgical Timing and Techniques: Tendon releases G. Marré Brunenghi
Percutaneous fibrotomic release P. F. Costici
Pinning N. Portinaro
Osteotomies A. Krebs
Rescue procedures: resection arthroplasty, others R. J. Csepan
Rehabilitation before and after surgery R. Brunner

16.30 – 17.00 Coffee Break

17.00 – 18.45 Knee
Chairs: G. Trisolino, R. Brunner
The 2 most common attitude: Excessive knee flexion during stance phase and limited knee flexion during swing phase A. Presedo
Development of crouch gait after treatment of the foot A. Krebs
Stiff knee gait R. Brunner, A. Presedo
Surgical Timing and Techniques: Tendon releases and transfers A.Presedo
Osteotomies A. Krebs
Neurectomies N. Sturbois Nachef
Rehabilitation before and after surgery S. Carda

20.30       Social Dinner



Saturday 29 April 2023

08.30 – 10.30 Foot
Chairs: A. Andreacchio, A. Presedo
All types of equinus E. Morakis
Other deformities E. Morakis
The role of Peroneus Longus E. Boulay
Surgical Timing and Techniques: Tendon releases and transfers E. Morakis
Osteotomies E. Morakis
Neurectomies N. Sturbois Nachef
Complications: Recurrence,Overcorrection R. Csepan
Rehabilitation before and after surgery A. Cersosimo, E. Castelli

10.30 – 11.10 Multilevel surgeries
Chairs: R. Brunner, P. Guida
From clinical examination to GAIT analysis, to non-operative
operative taking charge A. Presedo
The Spine
To operate or not, surgical techniques M. Cravino
Rehabilitation before and after surgery A. Cersosimo, E. Castelli

11.10 – 11.40 Coffee Break

11.40 – 13.00 Transition from Childhood
Chairs: L. Conforti, A. Krebs
Loss of walking ability S. Carda
Pain: where does it come from? Osteoarticular? Spasticity? Other.. A. Baricich
Complications of late referral L. Conforti
The adolescent affected by CP M. Jozwiak


Satisfaction survey & CME Test (For Italian Participant)


Andreacchio Antonio, Milano (IT)
Aprato Alessandro, Torino (IT)
Baricich Alessandro, Novara (IT)
Bini Nathalie, Torino (IT)
Boulay Christophe, Marseille (F)
Brunner Reinald, Basel (CH)
Carda Stefano, Lausanne (CH)
Castelli Enrico, Roma (IT)
Cersosimo Antonella, Bologna (IT)
Conforti Luigi, Chieri (IT)
Costici Pier Francesco, Roma (IT)
Cravino Mattia, Torino (IT)
Csepan Robert J., Wien (A)
GuidaPasquale, Napoli (IT)
Torino (IT)

Alexander, Wien (A)
Marek Jozwiak, Poznan (PL)
Leclercq Caroline, Paris (F)
Marinaccio Cristina, Torino (IT)
Marré Brunenghi Giorgio, Genova (IT)
Massazza Giuseppe, Torino (IT)
Massé Alessandro, Torino (IT)
Morakis Emmanouil, Manchester (UK)
Peretta Paola, Torino (IT)
Portinaro Nicola, Milano (IT)
Presedo Ana, Paris (F)
Sangeux Morgan, Basel (CH)
Sturbois Nachef Nadine, Paris (F)
Toniolo Renato Maria, Roma (IT)
Trisolino Giovanni, Bologna (IT)

Informazioni ECM

  • ID evento:

  • N° crediti:

  • Professione: Medico chirurgo

  • Disciplina:

  • Ortopedia e traumatologia

  • Obiettivo Formativo: Linee guida - protocolli - procedure

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  • N° crediti:

  • Professione: Fisioterapista

  • Disciplina:

  • Fisioterapista

  • Obiettivo Formativo: Linee guida - protocolli - procedure

  • ID evento:

  • N° crediti:

  • Professione: Tecnico ortopedico

  • Disciplina:

  • Tecnico ortopedico

  • Obiettivo Formativo: Linee guida - protocolli - procedure


Registration Fees (VAT 22% included)
Until 28/02/2023 After 28/02/2023
Member SIOT, SITOP, SIMFER  € 200,00  € 250,00
Non Member SIOT, SITOP, SIMFER  € 300,00  € 400,00
Resident, Therapist, physiotherapist, Technician  € 150,00   € 200,00

Fees Includes: Congress Attendance, congress kit, 3 coffee breaks, 1 light lunch,
Certificate of Attendance, CME Certificate (for Italian delegates)


Symposia Organizzazione Congressi Srl
Piazza Campetto 2/8 – 16123 Genova

Tel. 010 255146 r.a. – Fax 010 2770565

P.IVA 03849570100

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