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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

it is a great honour and a privilege to have been invited by the SIEOG President’s Council to organise its XXIII National Congress in Genoa.
The aim of the congress is to provide an update on the topics of highest interest in obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound. The focus will be on technological innovations that promise to change the way of our future work.
We have scheduled five pre-congress courses to satisfy the different needs of SIEOG members. An absolute new entry is an advanced course in fetal echocardiography with ultrasound simulator. We are sure that the possibility to improve one’s echographic skills in the diagnosis of fetal heart disease is an opportunity that only a few will want to miss.
As usual, internationally acknowledged experts will be guest speakers who will certainly contribute to the success of the event.
We will give ample space to oral communications and to the contribution of young Italian researchers, the pride and joy of our scientific community. The most scientifically deserving papers will have a relevant place in the congress sessions.
Genoa is a fascinating city, rich in history and works of art. It will welcome you with its colourful alleys in the historic centre, monumental streets and sumptuous palaces. The Magazzini del Cotone (Cotton Warehouses), which host the event, overlook the most picturesque heart of Genoa harbour and will offer us great breath during the congress breaks.

We look forward to seeing you in Genoa!

Federico Prefumo
Congress President


Symposia Organizzazione Congressi Srl
Piazza Campetto 2/8 – 16123 Genova

Tel. 010 255146 r.a.

P.IVA 03849570100

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