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An ISUOG Advanced Course
Hot topics & controversies in feto-maternal medicine
3rd edition


Thursday 24th November 2022

13.00 Registration

14.00 Course Opening

14.10 – 16.30
CNS I. From screening standards to corpus callosum dysraphic states. Time for debate.
A creative approach to the CNS screening views: bullhorns and butterflies.
Possible adds on.
LIVE DEMO 1. The…bullhorns and butterflies…on the screen.
Corpus callosum dysraphic states. Is there a terminology issue?
Corpus callosum agenesis. From suspicion to diagnosis and associations.
CSP agenesis. From suspicion to diagnosis and associations.
Debate & voting. Adds on & Short corpus callosum. Is there such an entity?
Q1 – vote & discussion

16.30   Coffee Break

17.00 – 18.45
CNS II. Late onset anomalies
LIVE DEMO 2. The late neurosonography.
Intra-ventricular hemorrhage and stroke.
Endocranial cysts. Classification, significance and prognosis
Pericallosal lipomas. Diagnosis and significance.

Friday 25th November 2022

08.30 – 10.45
Soft markers in the 2nd trimester: a legacy from the past…to get rid of in the era of cf-DNA and FTS?
Introduction to the topic. Rationale and endpoints.
Choroid plexus cysts.
Single umbilical artery.
Cardiac hyperechogenic foci.
Hyperechogenic bowel
Absent nasal bone
Q2 – vote & discussion

10.45   Coffee Break

11.10 – 13.00
Hot topics in fetomaternal medicine. 1. Diabetes in pregnancy. Point of Care.
National and international guidelines for screening and diagnosis.
The metabolic background and the role of metformin and inositol supplementation.
Fetal ultrasound surveillance.
Clinical and delivery challenges.
LIVE DEMO 3. How to scan and what to check.

13.00 Lunch

14.30 – 16.10
Estrogens & progestins in women’s life. State of the art & guidelines.
When to treat postpuberal and adolescent girls.
Tailoring contraception on women’s age.
Hormonal replacement therapy. When to start, how to counsel, what to use.
Indications to progestin-loaded IUDs. An update.

16.10   Coffee Break

16.40 – 18.30
Ready player 1? Artificial intelligence in obstetric ultrasound: commercially available and investigational tools.

Saturday 26th November 2022

08.30 – 10.30
Hot topics in feto-maternal medicine. 2.
Challenges in the management of the small fetus.
What biometry charts should I use? The PROs of the Intergrowth study.
What biometry charts should I use?  The CONs of the Intergrowth study.
How to diagnose and manage growth-restriction. Still a controversial issue.
The neonatologist’s point of view.
Discussion & voting

10.30   Coffee break

11.15 – 13.10
Congenital heart disease.
What do we miss and why…a methodological analysis of FPs and FNs.
LIVE DEMO 4. Fetal echo: possible FP @ greyscale and Doppler.
Don’t…ketchup with Doppler…
Cardiac septa.
Ventricular disproportion.
Single ventricle anatomy

CME test and goodbye

Prof. Dario Paladini

Course Objective

The third edition of the course has three components.

The first part focuses on the sonographic expert diagnosis of complex CNS and cardiac malformations, concentrating especially on those anomalies or sonographic aspects that may be responsible for false positive and negative diagnoses.

The second part addresses the modifications of current diagnostic ultrasound protocols that should be implemented thanks to the new advancements in genetics and Artificial Intelligence.

The third part deals – as  in previous editions – with feto-maternal important conditions, which in the present edition is maternal diabetes and its effects on the pregnancy and the fetus.

A final session is included focusing on the state of the art in the hormonal treatment of women’s conditions.

Invited Faculty

Guilllermo Azumendi (Malaga, Spain)
Roee Birnbaum (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Angelo Cagnacci (Genova)
Irene Cetin (Milano)
Raoul Chaoui (Berlin, Germany)
Valentina De Robertis (Bari)
Tiziana Frusca (Brescia)
Christoph Lees (London, UK)
Maurizio Marasini (Genova)
Pasquale Martinelli (Napoli)
Federico Mecacci (Firenze) 
Giovanni Monni (Cagliari)
Dario Paladini (Genova)
Aris Papagheorghiou (Oxford, UK)
Luca Ramenghi (Genova)
Laurent J. Salomon (Paris, France)
Tamara Stampaljia (Trieste)
Fabrizio Taddei (Rovereto)
Giulia Tuo (Genova)
Paolo Volpe (Bari)

General Information

Congress Venue
Magazzini del Cotone

Via Magazzini del Cotone, 19
16128 Genova (Italy)

Security measures
In accordance with the regulations in force on the date of the conference, all due measures for the containment and management of the Covid-19 emergency will be put in place to protect attendees and staff throughout the event.

Official language
English is the official language of the Congress. Simultaneous translation into Italian will be available.

Scientific Information

Course Directors

Prof. Dario Paladini, MD
Head, Fetal Medicine & Surgery Unit
G. Gaslini Institute, Genova, Italy

Scientific Secretariat
D. Paladini, D. Buffi, I. Maffeo, D. Pastorino, C. Scala

UOSD di Medicina e Chirurgia Fetale
IRCCS G. Gaslini

L.go Gerolamo Gaslini, 5
16147 Genova, Italy
Tel 010 56363483

E-mail: dpaladini49@gmail.com


The Organizing Secretariat can reserve hotel accommodation for

2 nights

Check-in: 24 November 2022

Check-out: 26 November 2022

at the following hotels:

  • NH Collection Marina ★★★★
    Molo Ponte Calvi 5, 16124 Genova – Tel +39 010 25391
  • NH Genova Centro ★★★★
    Via Martin Piaggio 11, 16122 Genova – Tel +39 010 83161

Hotel booking can be made during the online registration procedure.

The total amount due for the hotel accommodation must be settled together with the registration fee.

For special requests (e.g. changing in/out dates or room type), please send a request to the Organizing Secretariat via e-mail.

Hotel rates

NH Collection Marina Rate per night
Double Used as Single (DUS) Superior room € 155,00
NH Genova Centro
Double Used as Single (DUS) standard room € 115,00
Difference for double occupancy  € 20,00

The above rates are intended per room per night including breakfast and VAT.

Guests are kindly asked to settle the City Tax (€ 3,00 per person per night) directly to the hotel reception upon check-out along with any personal extras.

Registration to attend on site

Registration fees (VAT 22% included)
until 30 Sep 2022  from 01 Oct 2022
ISUOG member  € 400,00  € 450,00
Non member  € 500,00  € 550,00
Physician in training  € 200,00   € 250,00

Fees includes:
Congress attendance
Congress Kit
Coffee break & lunch
Simultaneous translation into English
Certificate of Attendance
ISUOG Certificate


Registration to attend online

Registration fees (VAT 22% included)
until 30 Sep 2022  from 01 Oct 2022
ISUOG  member  € 200,00  € 225,00
Non member  € 250,00  € 275,00

Fees includes:
Congress live webinar attendance
30 days access to congress recordings
Simultaneous translation into English
Certificate of Attendance

Online participation is reserved for foreign attendees only



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