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Symposia Organization for Congress is located in the historic Palazzo del Melograno (“Pomegranate Palace”), in Campetto in Genoa.


The building, protected by the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage and attributed to Bartolomeo Bianco, was actually built by the master Jacopo De Aggio between 1586 and 1589 for Ottavio Imperiale.


Later, it was acquired by Ottavio Sauli, and then ceded to the De Mari and Casareto family. The building houses works of art of the highest quality, such as the frescoes on the main floor by Domenico Piola, Domenico Guidobono, Jacopo Antonio Boni and Marco Sacconi.


From this long history the palace inherited its official name, Casareto – De Mari, but since the seventeenth century it was better known with the appellation, still used today, of “Pomegranate Palace”.

By accident, about four hundred years ago, a pomegranate seed landed between the balcony on the first floor and the tympanum over the main entrance. There he found a favorable environment and grew, season after season, turning into a tree.

Today that pomegranate still blooms, nestled among the marbles of a sumptuous palace: the tenacity with which the plant, a symbol of prosperity, has gone through the history of the city, marvels and encourages us to always go forward.



The Symposia offices occupy 200 square meters spread over two floors and have the most technologically advanced equipment.


Symposia Organizzazione Congressi Srl

Piazza Campetto 2/8

16123 Genova, Italy

Tel +39 010 255146

Fax +39 010 2770565

E-mail: symposia@symposiacongressi.com

Certified e-mail: symposiacongressisrl@legalmail.it

Web: www.symposiacongressi.com

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